What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional nutrition utilizes testing to help clients identify imbalances in the body and provides customized DRESS (diet, rest, exercize, stress reduction, supplementation) education that can be part of a comprehensive wellness program.

Functional nutrition not only aids in identifying healing opportunities or imbalances through assessment and diagnostic testing, but also utilizes the cutting-edge science of epigenetics. A segment of epigenetics, clinical nutrigenomics, is currently providing evidence as to the influence diet and lifestyle can have on genetic expression (turning genes on or off). What does this mean?  It means you have control over your genetic predispostions, and your general health, overall.

 Functional Nutrition Consultation Packages*

 The content on this website and any and all information provided in any consultation, whether verbal or written, with the practitioner Shauna Gourley is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider wih any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Reliance on any information provided by Shauna Gourley or shaunagourley.com or its employees or partners is soley at your own risk.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Discovery Consultation*

75 – 90 Minutes

This comprehensive consultation, via Zoom video conferencing, will dig into the dietary and lifestyle choices that may be affecting your health.  An indepth review of your complete history, including an educational assessment of any recent lab work (six months latest) will also be included.

The goal of this consultation is to help you achieve clarity and validation as to where you are, especially if you’ve been told  “your labs looks normal,” when you know you don’t feel “normal.” 

You will be given clear action steps to begin now to support your body’s ability to heal.

NB: The fee for this coaching package will be applied toward other coaching packages, if the client decides to upgrade to any other packages in the future.



Optimal Biology Consultation Package*

90-120-Day Support

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

Significant fatigue, irritability, exaggerated startle response, difficulty falling or staying asleep, poor digestion, food sensitvities, heartburn, bloating, constipation, skin rashes, acne, dry skin, premature aging/wrinkling, stubborn weight gain, PMS, low libido, low mood, or anxiousness?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then your body is sending you clear signals that it is not in a state of homeostasis or balance. 

This package includes everything in the Nutrition & Lifestyle Discovery Consultation,  plus two 60-minute coaching sessions per month over 90 days, as well as educational interpretation of up to three functional lab tests** 

A comprehensive, bio-individualized educational DRESS (diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction & supplementation) report will also be provided.

**Optimal DNA Consultation may be combined/required at a higher fee. Testing requirements to be determined upon complimentary consultation 

Optimal Fertility Consultation Package*

120-Day Support

Are you a female or couple struggling with fertility?  Have you had difficulty getting pregnant, or sustaining a pregnancy? Are you wanting to avoid IVF treatements and think that there might be a different way?

Or are you a proactive female/couple who just wants to have the healthiest pregnancy possible?  If any of this resonates with you, then this is the coaching package for you.

This consultation package includes ALL of the testing and support provided in Optimal Biology, PLUS, the Optimal DNA consultation for the mom and dad to be, as well as 30 days of additional support.

Fertility couples will be provided a comprehensive, bio-individualized educational DRESS (diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction & supplementation) report, as well as an educational report based on their nutrigenomics to lay the groundwork for a healhty and sustainable pregnancy.


Optimal DNA Consultation* – One 75 – 90-Min. + One 60-Min. Followup

Clinical nutrigenomics is the science of how different foods interact with specific genes to increase the risk of common chronic diseases.

Genetic testing

  • Identify genetic polymorphisms (genetic variants), including MTHFR (methylation)
  • Discover how diet, lifestyle and environmental changes can affect these variants

Methylation is a complex and important enzymatic process. Fifty percent of the population may have a genetic mutation or variation in this function. Methylation problems have been implicated in many chronic diseases, including cancers; cognitive, respiratory, cardiovascular, reproductive, and autoimmune dysfunction; and neurobehavioral illnesses such as autism spectrum disorder, ADD and ADHD.

All genetic testing is run through 23andMe, a personalized service providing information and tools to learn about and explore your DNA.

* 23andMe genetic test kit fees are separate and payable directly to the lab.

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