Bulletproof Coaching

Imagine this…

You awake feeling refreshed from a perfect night’s sleep. You fuel your body with amazing macros, custom-designed to give you focused energy to train, with enough left over to kill it ALL DAY at work!

When challenges come your way, you meet them with skillfulness and resilience. Your personal relationships are fulfilling and meaningful. You are delighting in taking your performance in every area of life to the next level. You are achieving your goals and living the best version of yourself.

Bulletproof Coaching utilizes the science of postiive psychology and mindfulness/presence-based coaching to help clients get from where they are to where they want to be.  All of the functional nutrition coaching packages include the skills Shauna learned in her training as a Bulletproof Human Potential Coach, including the latest and greatest in biohacking techniques!

Functional Nutrition (Energy) + Human Potential Coaching (Emotional Intelligence)  = Bulletproof Life!

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Talk with Shauna over the phone or via Zoom, and she will help you find out which program suits you.

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